How about a unique souvenir to take back home?

I found out about these handmade bow ties watching a video on You Tube. I thought “Great idea for a present”. Later on, when I was looking for some custom-made pieces, I called Papigion and they happily arranged a meeting with me. We talked about what I was looking for over a cup of coffee and then they took me to the textile market where we picked together the cloth that suited me the best. Two days later three unique bow ties – one for myself and two for my nephews – were ready!

At Papigion you may choose a bow tie from a great collection or have a one-of-a-kind creation according to your personal needs. They are made of high quality material purchased from small shops of Thessaloniki and crafted by hand with needle and thread, without using glue or similar products. They come in all kinds of fabrics – and wood! – and they are made with care for the environment, the people and local economy. Real small masterpieces in elegant packaging.

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