You can wander around Athonos market just for the colours and aromas. Herbs and spices, candies and nuts are my favourites, even when I have no intention of buying anything. I find it relaxing just to look at this colourful scene and smell its wonderful aromas.

From Harilaos’ unique shop, I buy the wholegrain tahini that I cannot find anywhere else. I asked him once what it is that makes his tahini so different from others on the market. And I found out that it is made specially for him in Komotini, to his own recipe, and the secret has to do with temperature and the production process.

Harilaos is never too busy to provide information about any of his many products. From the contents to the labelling, he is happy to explain everything in detail!

Harilaos, Vatikiotou 24, Athonos Square