1st Classic Festival

“Gently he pulled back the sheet covering her, lightly caressing the smooth skin. Her beauty filled his eyes. She was not practical, she was no longer young, she was definitely uncivilised and anything but easy. What she was, however, was a 1968 Alfa Romeo Spider.
He got in. Despite the care he had always taken of her, the marks of time were quite visible in some places, but they were memories, and he would deal with them as soon as he had a bit of time.
He slipped the key into the ignition. As ancient as the rest of her.  Then he turned it, and after one short cough the music of the engine filled the space”.
Stories like these are yours to experience at the 1st Classic Car Festival, which will fire up in Thessaloniki in the Makedonikon football ground in Efkarpia on May 21.

For more info contact: http://www.expoclassic.gr/contact.php