SFINA group invites us to a celebration of joy! “The day of Colors” was based on Holi in India, but here the celebration has no religious character. It is anthropocentric and the only goal is to create smiles. It is a day dedicated to human communication, to Life, Love and Unity. The day begins at midday and  evolves with team games, reaching the point of  Color Explosion. The day continues with surprises for each participant until midnight. Megaro Youth Orchestra will be there, together with Paranaue band and DJs. Creative workshops will be open for everyone: Big Bang! Trash Science, Dance Act by Stay Strong, Funbag or The Pillow. And there will be a competition for the Craziest Hat!
Make sure you get your tickets and color cupons in time!

Sunday, September 11
Location: Thermi (Fragma Thermis, see map1). You can get there by bus No 66 (Nea Elvetia Park, see map2).