How much of history can a city take? I have always been amazed by the many worship places I meet walking around Thessaloniki. Christian churches and mosques, synagogues and traces of ancient temples, historic events and stories of everyday people associated to them show up in every step I take in the city.

Wishing to explore this puzzle, I followed the thematic walk “Tracking the Gods of the city” organized by Thessaloniki Walking Tours. During an extraordinary three-hour tour we were guided through the religious history of Thessaloniki, which involves Orthodox Bishops, Muslim Dervishes and Jewish Rabbis, Goddess Aphrodite and a Catholic priest, all at the center of this multireligious city. There is so much to be said, we could walk around and listen to our guide for hours, but still this overview has provided us with a lot of food for thought.

I need to mention that our guide, Tassos Papadopoulos, licensed guide and archaeologist, provided us with a lot of amazing information and handled a sensitive issue such as religion with great care and respect.

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