With this walking tour, we are exploring how paper, this particular material, can be a source of inspiration, a means of artistic expression, a vehicle for intellectual creativity, but also how it can be transformed –through the right processing– into a fantastic utility or decorative object, even into an original work of art.

During our visit to the creative spaces, where bits and pieces of paper are found in every corner, and while meeting people that will share their paper stories that are by no means fake, one thing is certain: that paper boat that we all built when we were children will be brought back to life and will take us, even for a little while, to a charming and dreamy world.

Date & time: Thursday, July 7 at 18:00
Duration: approximately 3 hours
Maximum number of participants: 12 persons
Participation fee: 10€/person
Meeting point: Morichovou Square-Ladadika
Areas of interest: Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Product & Packaging Design, Pop-Up, Publishing, Bookbinding, Typography – Printing, Typeface Design, Comics, Engraving, Illustration

Booking: http://www.handpeak.gr/walks/14