We want to introduce you to our Thessaloniki. As we experience it every day. We want to talk to you about all those things that you probably won’t find in the tourist guides: its little corners, the faces we love seeing on the city streets, our favourite haunts, the shops and bars we like, the events being organized, its neighbourhoods, smells and flavours. And if there is anything we’ve left out, just ask us!


tas profile
Tasoula Kyriakidou is an editor and travel writer. She was born and lives in Thessaloniki, and has travelled and lived in various places. She is never tired of wandering about the city and rediscovering it. She also photographs people she meets in the streets and writes about them in her blog “Faces of Thessaloniki”. (http://facesofthessaloniki.com/).


Angelos Bakas is a typographic designer, lecturer and writer. Lately he works on destination branding and promotion (www.for-real-destination.com). In his free time he writes longish captions to photos, books, and material for stand-up comedy.


Nikos Kyriakidis is an educator (in one sense) and a story-ologist, if there is such a thing. He likes to tell stories, blending the real with the imaginary. He was born and lives – occasionally with difficulty – in Thessaloniki, and has travelled to untrodden territories, perhaps nonexistent. When he grows up he wants to be an astronaut.


flaneur 3
Flaneur came to Thessaloniki many years ago, and – in his own words – will not return to his own country until he has picked up every stone in this city and learned what is hidden underneath. He has lost count of the number of pairs of shoes he has already worn out…