Apart from its galleries and museums, Thessaloniki also has a great outdoor art collection that is never mentioned in the guidebooks. We suggest you begin at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in the International Fairgrounds, so put on your walking shoes and let’s get started.

Here, outside the MMCA, among others you’ll find two superb examples of modern sculpture: Marc Charpin’s “The one contains the other”. Αll around are the steel and gravel “Sculptures – Bushes” created by Philolaos for the museum. The semi-circle of steps is a good place to sit awhile, if you wish, before moving on to the “Reclining Figure” by Clearchos Loukopoulos. Leaving by the other entrance (towards the YMCA building), cross the street to the Archaeological Museum. Τen metres tall and weighing four tons, and next to it the stone Inukshuk by Giorgos Pavlidis, an Inuit landmark. Next door, at the two entrances to the Byzantine Museum, are a pair of works by Giorgos Tsaras part of “Gates”, while if you continue on to the waterfront promenade you will come to Thessaloniki’s second emblematic monument, the famous (stationary) “Umbrellas” by Zongolopoulos.