Arabella is not just a bar on a boat. It is a historic sail ship that has travelled all over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and has served as a minesweeper during World War II (Its wooden keel did not create the magnetic field necessary for naval mines to detect its presence). No wonder why the Ministry of Culture has listed it as a mobile monument.
After sailing thousands of miles, Arabella has sailed in Thessaloniki and offers short cruises around the gulf of Thermaikos, starting right in front of the White Tower. The boat has retained its features, with old wooden benches, barrels, all its old sails and ropes. On its wooden deck you might even meet a woman pirate!
All year round from 11.00 in the morning till late a night, you can enjoy your cocktail, wine, beer or coffee together with the view of Thessaloniki! The sea breeze is always there…

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