I’m desperately searching for something to do outside the city. I’ve got my google map open, pins flagging important sites, I zoom in to the east of Thessaloniki: malls (not what I’m looking for), casino (another time), NOESIS… Wait a minute! What’s that?

The Thessaloniki Science Centre and Technology Museum, in Thermi, as I discover, has the reputation of being one of the top ten technology museums in Europe. It’s got to be one of the ten most important things to see in Thessaloniki. I went without a second thought.

What did I do there? I spent my day gawking at five of the most important cars of the 20th century in the Transportation Hall, then lost myself in other dimensions at the Planetarium and Cosmotheatre, I was blown away by the ancient technology exhibition, and played like a child in the Technopark.

In the afternoon, while the road to Chalkidiki fills with car lights and the stars escape the planetarium and take up their positions in the sky, I sit, glass of wine in hand, at the café-restaurant enjoying a birds’ view of the city. Time has stopped and I’m living in the moment.

photos: experience thessaloniki & http://www.noesis.edu.gr/